New!! Medical Anthropology Minor

We are excited to announce our new Medical Anthropology Minor (active Fall, 2018) 

Medical anthropology is the fastest growing sub-discipline of anthropology with a variety of applications. It is a broad field that includes medical and psychiatric anthropology, global health, disability, social suffering, humanitarianism, death and dying, caregiving, public health, medical ethics, human rights and medical humanities.


Course Requirements:

ANTH 18210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology                      3 cr

ANTH 18630 Human Evolution                                                           3 cr

ANTH 48250 Medical Anthropology                                                  3 cr


Choose 1 of the following:                                                                  3 cr

              ANTH 48150 Religion: A search for meaning

              ANTH 48630 Anthropology of Gender & Sexuality

              ANTH 48240 Psychological Anthropology (formerly Culture & Personality)

              ANTH 48623 Human Variation

              ANTH 48820 Human Musculoskeletal Systems


Choose 2 of the following (for a total of 6 credits):                         6 cr

              PH 10002 Introduction to Global Health

              PH 20001 Essentials of Epidemiology

              PH 22001 Plagues & Pandemics: How infection shaped culture & history

              SOC 22570 Understanding Differences & Inequality

              SOC 32570 Inequality in Societies (pre req SOC 12050)

              SOC 42010 Death and Dying (pre req SOC 12050)

              SOC 42400 Self & Identity (pre req SOC 12050 & junior standing)

              SOC 42562 Sociology of Mental Illness (pre req SOC 12050 & junior standing)

              SOC 42563 Sociology of Health and Health care (pre req SOC 12050 & junior standing)

              SOC 44010 Socialogical Perspectives in medicine (pre req SOC 12050)

              PSYCH 31532 Social Psychology (pre req PSYCH 11762)

              PSYCH 41364 Drugs and Behavior (pre req 11762)

              HIST 31550 History of Medicine

              GEOG 42052 Medical Geography

              GEOG 49072 Geographic Information Science and Health






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