Recent published papers by Kent State Anthropologists!

Below is a list of recently published papers by Kent State Anthropologists!

da Silva, G. P., de Melo, J. T., Monteiro, F. O. B., Ferreira, A. K. P., Carneiro, L. A., & Takeshita, R. S.
(2021). Validation of a Dehydroepiandrosterone-Sulfate Assay in Three Platyrrhine Primates (Alouatta caraya, Aotus azarae infulatus, and Sapajus apella). International Journal of Primatology, 1-15.

Bebber M.
(2021) The Role of Functional Efficiency in the Decline of North America’s Copper Culture (8000–3000 BP): an Experimental, Ecological, and Evolutionary Approach. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory: 1-37.

Rodichkin A, Edler MK, McGlothan JL, Guilarte TR.
(2021). Behavioral and neurochemical studies of inherited manganese-induced dystonia-parkinsonism in Slc39a14-knockout mice. Neuro Biol Dis 158 [epub ahead of print]. doi: 10.1016/j.nbd.2021.105467.

Freire-Cobo C, Edler MK, Varghese M, Munger EL, Laffey J, Raia S, In SS, Wicinski B, Medalla M, Medalla M, Perez S, Mufson EJ, Erwin JM, Guevara EE, Sherwood CC, Luebke JI, Lacreuse A, Raghanti MA, Hof PR.
(2021). Comparative neuropathology in aging primates: A perspective. Amer J Primatol [epub ahead of print: e23299]. doi: 10.1002/ajp.23299.

Edler MK, Johnson C, Ahmed H, Richardson JR.
(2021). Age, sex, and regional differences in scavenger receptor CD36 in the mouse brain: Potential relevance to cerebral amyloid angiopathy and Alzheimer’s disease. J Comp Neurol 529(9): 2209-2226. doi: 10.1002/cne.25089.

Edler MK, Mhatre-Winters I, Richardson JR.
(2021). Microglia in aging and Alzheimer’s disease: A comparative species review. Invited Contribution to Special Issue “Aging and Disease”. Cells 10(5):1138. doi: 10.3390/cells10051138.

Edler MK, Groetz H, Munger EL, Raghanti MR.
(2021). Primates as a model for neurological aging and Alzheimer's disease. Assessments, Treatments and Modelling in Aging and Neurological Disease: The Neuroscience of Aging, Editors: Colin Martin, Victor R. Preedy, Rajkumar Rajendram. Academic Press, Elsevier (UK).

Mullen D, Matney T, Morrison A, Fisch M, Buchanan B, Bebber M
(2021) Experimental assessment of Neo-Assyrian bronze arrowhead penetration: An initial study comparing bilobate versus trilobate morphologies. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 35:102765.

Eren MI, Diez-Martin F, Miller G, Buchanan B, Haythorn R, Boulanger M, Rutkoski A, Bush J, Norris J, Lovejoy CO, Meindl R, Bebber M
(2021) Current evidence supports Welling as an outcrop-related base camp. American Antiquity.

Eren MI, Meltzer D, Buchanan B, Story B, Yeager D, Bebber M
(2021) On the efficacy of Clovis points for hunting proboscideans. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports:103166.

Eren MI, Meltzer D, Andrews B
(2021) Clovis technology is not unique to Clovis. Paleoamerica 7:226-241.

Eren MI, Bebber M, Mika A, Flood K, Maguire L, Norris D, Perrone A, Mullen D, Centea S, Centea C, Christy B, Daud R, Jackson J, Patten R, Redmond B, Buchanan B, Haythorn R, Miller G, Conaway M, Biermann Gurbuz R, Lycett S, Kilby D, Andrews B, MacDonald B, Boulanger M, Meltzer D
(2021) The Nelson stone tool cache, North-Central Ohio, U.S.A.: assessing cultural affiliation. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 37:102972.

Boulanger M, Patten R, Andrews B, Bebber M, Buchanan B, Jorgeson I, Miller G, Eren MI, Meltzer D
(2021) Antelope Springs: a Folsom site in South Park, Colorado. Paleoamerica 7:114-132.

Eren MI, Bebber M
(2021) Radiocarbon dating of a fish spine suggests there is not an archaeological site east of Edgewater View, Edgewater Park, Cleveland, Ohio. Current Research in Ohio Archaeology.

Eren MI, Mullen D, Spurlock L, Christy B, Miller GL, Buchanan B, Bush J, Bebber M
(2021) Technical descriptions of artifacts from the Dresden Mound Cache, Ohio. Current Research in Ohio Archaeology.

Mullen D, Miller G, Buchanan B, Diez-Martin F, St. John T, Eren MI, Bebber M
(2021) Late Archaic and Early Woodland stone tools from Killbuck, Holmes County, Ohio. Current Research in Ohio Archaeology.

Eren MI, Romans J, Buchanan B, Bebber M
(2021) Validating chronograph photo sensor measurement accuracy of stone-tipped arrow velocity. Measurement: Sensors 13:100037.

Diez-Martin F, Buchanan B, Norris J, Eren MI
(2021) Was Welling, Ohio (33-CO-2) a Clovis base camp or lithic workshop? Employing experimental models to interpret old collections. American Antiquity 86:183-198.

Eren MI, Cross K, Andrews B, Meltzer D
(2021) A quantitative test of Folsom unifacial tool recycling: a case study from Mountaineer’s Block C. In The Mountaineer Site, edited by Andrews B, Meltzer D, Stiger M.

Meltzer D, Eren MI
(2021) The Mountaineer Folsom projectile point assemblage. In The Mountaineer Site, edited by Andrews B, Meltzer D, Stiger M.

Wilson M, Perrone A, Smith H, Norris J, Pargeter J, Eren MI
(2021) Modern thermoplastic (hot glue) versus organic-based adhesives and haft-bond failure rate in prehistoric experimental ballistics. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 104:102717.

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