2019 Kent State Brain Health Research Institute Strategic Planning Retreat

Strategic Planning Retreat

retreat overview

The Brain Health Research Institute strategic planning retreat offers an opportunity for all members of the Kent State community and Institute external partners to discuss current plans and future directions of the institute. The retreat will occur on the afternoon of March 1, 2019 at the Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center

Registration is free and open to the public.  We hope you will attend the retreat and encourage your colleagues, students and partners to attend!

Contact Information

More information will be forthcoming, but please feel free to contact, Dr. Michael Kavulic with any questions or comments regarding the event.

Itinerary - March 1, 2019 

Time Description
1p - 1:45p

Welcomes and Introductions

1:45p - 2:30p

Facilitated breakout discussion – theme #1

2:30p - 2:45p


2:45p - 3:30p

Facilitated breakout discussion – theme #2

3:30p - 4:15p

Facilitated breakout discussion – theme #2

4:15p - 5:00p


5p - 6p



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