Brains on Tap

"Brains on Tap" was inspired by the Cafe Scientifique movement, which started in Europe in the late 1990’s and has spread rapidly. Cafes Scientifiques are informal talks in bars, cafes and other public venues that give people a chance to learn about and discuss current topics in science. 

"Brains on Tap" was brought to Kent in 2012 by the local Northeast Ohio chapter of the Society of Neuroscience.  The Brain Health Research Institute rebooted the program during Brain Awareness Week - March 13-17, 2023. 

Upcoming Event:

September 18, 2024

Building Belonging: Recreation, mental health and neurodiversity

An informal science discussion with Lisa Audet, Assistant Professor in Speech Audiology and Pathology at Kent State University, J.R. Campbell, the Executive Director of the Design Innovation Initiative at Kent State University, Catherine Farina, Director of Administration in the City of North Canton, and Stacy Miner, Assistant Professor in Nursing at Kent State University.  

Event emcee - Jeff St. Clair, WKSU radio host and reporter. The event will take place at the Bell Tower Brewing Co. in Kent, Ohio, at 6 p.m. on September 18. 

Past Events:

February 21, 2024

Spirit of Motherhood:  A community-based multi-generational intervention for PTSD among low-income perinatal Black mothers

An informal science discussion with Angela Neal-Barnett, Ph.D.,  PRADAA, Department of Psychological Sciences, Kent State University, and Diane Robinson, ​M. A., Immediate Past ​President, Greater Stark ​County Urban League. 

Below is a link to a recording of the full event on Ideastream's "Sound of Ideas" program which aired on March 20 (towards the back half of the program, approximately 9:30 a.m.):


July 12, 2023

Can You Hear Me? Communicating Across the Lifespan

An informal science discussion about the way hearing and listening changes throughout your life with Drs. Julia Huyck and Bruna Mussoi (Health Sciences, KSU).


March 15, 2023

Parkinson's Disease & Exercise:  Biking to Retrain the Brain

An informal science discussion about Parkinson's Disease with Drs. Angela Ridgel (School of Health Sciences, Kent State University) and Aasef Shaikh (Staff Neurologist, University Hospitals). 

Below is the link to a clip of Ideastream's "Sound of Ideas" program which aired on April 4 and features the event: