BHRI Members Caldwell and McDonough Receive Excellence in Graduate Research Mentorship Awards

Dr. Heather Caldwell and Dr. Jennifer McDonough each recently received the Excellence in Graduate Research Award at Kent State. Both are members of the Brain Health Research Institute at Kent State University.

Pic of Dr. Heather Caldwell

Dr. Heather K. Caldwell is a professor in the Biological Sciences Department. In the past, Caldwell has assisted students in gaining financial support for their research and presenting their research at national conferences. Caldwell has received the 2013-2014 Distinguished Advisor Award for the College of Arts and Sciences. Her work has been published in the Journal of Neuroendocrinology as well as Frontiers in Neuroscience. Caldwell has served as a member of the executive committee for Kent State’s Brain Health Research Institute and the National Science Foundation’s Grant Review Panel. Nominators underscored her high standards of research and ability to create collaborative, supportive work environments.



Pic of Dr. Jennifer McDonough

Dr. Jennifer McDonough is an associate professor in the Biological Sciences Department. Her research investigates the role of changes in methionine metabolism and histone methylation in MS pathology. McDonough is affiliated with the American Society for Human Genetics and Society for Neuroscience and is a member of the Brain Health Research Institute at Kent State. She received the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowship and has been published in Experimental Brain Research and the Journal of Neuroscience. Nominators highlighted her commitment to act as a role model for women in science and encourage students to develop and find funds for their own ideas.

POSTED: Friday, April 23, 2021 07:42 AM
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 02:44 PM
Rhoda Wilk