BHRI Members Play Key Role in Creation of Podcast on Scientific Rigor

Dr. Lique Coolen, Brain Health Research Institute Executive Committee member, recently collaborated with Dr. Oswald Steward (University of California Irvine and Incoming President-Elect of the Society for Neuroscience) to create a new podcast, Pathways to Enhance Rigor: A Collection of Conversations, recently released by the Society for Neuroscience. Dr. Coolen is also Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Biological Sciences.

Pathways to Enhance Rigor is a limited-series podcast featuring neuroscientists discussing ways to better embed rigor into every part of the scientific process from experimental design to sharing with the public. These conversations highlight the past, present, and future of rigor in neuroscience and emphasize how individuals can contribute to creating a culture of rigor in their lab and beyond. BHRI Director Dr. Mike Lehman shares his perspectives, including that from the point of view of peer review in publishing and grants, in “Episode 4: Creating a Culture of Rigor.”

This podcast is part of the Society for Neuroscience’s (SfN’s) Foundations of Rigorous Neuroscience Research (FRN) program, which is lead by Drs. Coolen and Steward. This program is supported by the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), grant number 5R25NS112922-02. The FRN program is designed to inform and empower neuroscientists at all career levels to enhance the rigor in their research and the scientific culture at large.



POSTED: Friday, March 12, 2021 10:54 AM
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 02:22 PM
Rhoda Wilk