Olivia Coontz, B.A.




Master’s Candidate, Youngstown State University

Olivia Coontz, B.A., is in her masters at Youngstown State University. Before starting her masters she completed her BA in psychology at Kent State University in 2023. While in her bachelors she created a research project about how prosthetics are useful in more than just a physical way, but also in a mental way. Olivia looked at how getting a prosthetic can increase an amputees body image and self esteem while also decreasing the amputees suicidal ideations, depression and, anxiety symptoms. Olivia is an amputee herself and fought with her insurance company for five years due to them saying her prosthetic was medically unnecessary, so with her research she is hoping to one day publish it and present the finding to insurance companies so other amputees have an easier time getting their prosthetic.


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