Jason Tait Sanchez, Ph.D., CCC-A, FAAA

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northwestern University


Dr. Jason Tait Sanchez has a doctorate in auditory neuroscience from Kent State University, a master’s degree in audiology from Michigan State University and a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders from the University of Northern Colorado. Dr. Sanchez was clinically trained in audiology at the Cleveland Clinic and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the otolaryngology department at the University of Washington before joining faculty at Northwestern.

Currently, Dr. Sanchez is the principal investigator of the Central Auditory Physiology Laboratory (CAPLAB) at Northwestern University. His research investigates how developmental mechanisms give rise to the precise encoding of sound in the auditory brainstem. It is Dr. Sanchez’s hope that an in-depth understanding of auditory brainstem development may guide requirements for cochlear implant and hearing aid design and potentially provide pharmacological targets to improve disorders of the auditory system. Please see the Sanchez Research Profile for more information.