ARO FAQ for Departments

What is an ARO account?

An ARO (Accounts Receivable Other) is a means for the university to invoice non-student customers for products or services.

How do I request ARO billing for my department?

There are forms available on the website to request Non-Student Account IDs.  Or, you can contact for questions specific to your department.

What can be billed to an ARO account?

Any non-student goods or services provided by a Kent State University department.

What information do you need to set-up ARO billing?

To request an account ID for an ARO account, we need the individual or organization name, contact person (if different than the individual), address, phone number, and email address.  The email address is be needed for electronic invoicing.

Who can request ARO billing?

Any KSU staff that provides non-student goods or services that require billing on a regular basis.

What is a detail code?

A detail code is a four-digit code that is linked to your department index/fund/account and when is posted to ARO accounts ties the revenue to your department.

What if I don’t know our department index?

Your department Business Manager should have this information, or you can contact the Controller’s Office to review what you have available.

How do I setup a detail code?

There is a Detail Code Workflow in Flashline, instructions for the workflow can be found here

How can I check what our department indexes are?

You can access this information in Banner and COGNOS.  Once you are setup with proper access, our staff will train you on to find your detail codes.

Our vendor/client wants their charges to be paid by their financial aid on their student account, can the billing be processed there?

Only charges that have been reviewed and approved by the University Board of Trustees and listed on the University Fee register can be posted to the student account.

I have a new vendor, how do I set up a new account?
Will payments still come to my department to process?

No, all payments for ARO billing should be sent to the Bursar’s Office at:


Kent State University

Bursar’s Office – ARO Billing

PO Box 5190

Kent, Ohio 44242

Our department has a storefront, do I need to switch to ARO billing?

No, you could have both options available dependent upon your as needs.  While both are a means to receive revenue for your department storefronts allow you accept payment up front, usually for one-time events.  ARO billing should be used for items that require billing on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually) or is part of a contact or MOU to be billed.

What collection activity will be done on these accounts?

ARO bills are issued each month.  When an account is 120 days past due it will be turned over to the Ohio Attorney General (OAG) for collection.  ARO accounts will be sent in January, May, and September.  Prior to submitting the accounts to the OAG, the Bursar’s Office will notify departments of the pending submission to allow for an opportunity to contact the vendor.