Credit Card Processing/PCI Compliance

Any Kent State University department with a need to collect funds by accepting a credit card payment must begin the process contacting the Bursar’s Office to request access or equipment for processing credit cards, or before entering into any type of merchant credit card agreement.  The privilege of processing credit card payments is done in compliance with University administrative policy 3342-7-01.2 and in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).  Any fees or cost of equipment associated with processing credit card payments is charged to the department when access has been granted.

An incident response plan is recommended to establish and validate response procedures in the event of a breach. This incident response plan provides guidance for identification, containment, notification, verification, communication, investigation, and remediation of incidents involving credit card data compromise. 

Guidelines & Application For Credit Card Acceptance (PDF)
KSU PCI Security Awareness (PPT)



CASHNet Operator Request Form (PDF)
Processing a Payment in CASHNet (PDF)
Closing a Batch and Preparing a Bank Deposit (PDF)
CASHNet – Find Transactions (PDF)


Cashiering Forms

ARO Account Change Request
ARO New Account Request
Employee Credit Card Processing Agreement (DocuSign)
Departmental Deposit Form (PDF)