Tuition Refund Appeals


Tuition Refund Appeals can be submitted for the following two reasons:

Never Attended/Participated

Students can file a tuition refund appeal for non-attendance/participation in a course(s).  Students must be withdrawn from the course(s) before they can submit an appeal.  Students that are not withdrawn from the course(s) they are appealing for non-attendance/participation must complete a Petition for Exception to Registration application found on the Registrar's Website. There two separate applications:

If you are withdrawn from the course(s) you are appealing then please complete the Tuition Refund Appeal Application and attach verification of non-attendance/participation from the instructor of record for the class(es) you are appealing.  The verification from the instructor must either:

  1. come from the instructor's email address or
  2. submitted and signed on the College's official letterhead


Enrollment/attendance at another college/university.

  •  The appeal application must include an official verification of attendance at the other institution. The document can usually be requested through the school's Office of the Registrar. 

Students can contact the One Stop for Student Services at (330) 672-6000 for more information about the Tuition Refund Appeals. 

There is a two year limit on filing a refund appeal. Example: If a student is filing an appeal for the Fall 2019 term then it must be submitted to KSU by the official end date of the Fall 2021 term.  



The tuition refund appeal applications are generally reviewed the first Wednesday of the month. Tuition refund appeals must be completed by the Wednesday before the scheduled meeting to be considered for the upcoming meeting. Students will be notified via email once their application has been reviewed and processed