What is the Kent State University Tuition Guarantee Plan?

The Tuition Guarantee Plan provides eligible new first-year* and transfer** undergraduate students and their families the certainty that their Ohio resident tuition rate (i.e., instructional and general fee), career services fee, and room and board plan charges will not increase during their applicable cohort period. Participation in the program is required for all new first-year undergraduate students and eligible transfer students enrolling in a degree-seeking program at Kent State University for the first time on, or after, Fall Semester 2018.

*A new first-year student is any undergraduate, degree-seeking student enrolled at any of Kent State University‚Äôs campuses for the first time on or after fall 2018 and who has not been enrolled at any other college or postsecondary institution. New first-year students include students who enroll at Kent State University after graduating from high school and nontraditional students who enroll at any of the Kent State campuses for the first time. New first-year students do not include non-degree-seeking students, College Credit Plus or Advanced High School, exchange students and other students participating in other pre-enrollment or postsecondary option programs.

**A transfer student is any student who transfers to Kent State University from another college or postsecondary institution. Transfer students who transferred from any college or university prior to Fall Semester 2018 are not covered under the Tuition Guarantee Plan, as they are considered part of the returning student cohort.