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Family Caregiver Registry

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Thank you for your interest in our research. We are recruiting family caregivers of persons with an advanced serious illness for a caregiver registry. This means that once you enter your contact information into the form below, we will contact you regarding future studies. You are not obligated to participate in any research. By entering your information, you are giving us permission to contact you about the opportunity to participate in our research.

Family caregivers and social media:

  • Family caregivers of loved ones who use social media (blogs, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) to communicate about their serious illness

We also conduct research with:

  • Family caregivers of adults who are in Intensive care units (ICU) or Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACH) or have recently experienced an ICU/LTACH stay
  • Adolescents as family caregivers of a parent who is in hospice
  • Spirituality and spiritual uncertainty among family caregivers

If you are interested in being contacted about the potential of participating in our research, please enter the following information:


Our Research Team:

  • Dana Hansen Ph.D., APCHN, APRN – Family caregivers and social media,
  • Amy Petrinec Ph.D., RN – Family caregivers and the ICU,
  • Denice Sheehan Ph.D., RN – Adolescent caregivers,
  • Pamela Stephenson Ph.D., RN – Spirituality and spiritual uncertainty and the family caregiver,