Family Caregiver Registry

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Purpose: We are interested in helping caregivers connect with their loved ones who use social media to tell their story of advanced serious illness. Our research relies on volunteers like you who are willing to share their experiences.

Background: Our research has found that one positive way that families engage with each other is by reading their loved ones' illness story on social media.

Goal: For family caregivers to share their contact information to help us build a registry of volunteers who wish to share their experiences through participating in future research.

You may also be interested in other research opportunities, including:

  • Family caregivers of adults who are in Intensive care units (ICU) or Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACH) or have recently experienced an ICU/LTACH stay
  • Adolescents as family caregivers of a parent who is in hospice
  • Spirituality and spiritual uncertainty among family caregivers