Will Turek

Will Turek

Strategic Projects Director
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Strategic Projects Director, Kent State Online

Will Turek received his M.Ed. in Instructional Technology from Kent State University in 2010. In his position as an Associate Educational Technology Designer and Lead Educational Technology Designer he was instrumental in developing and defining the Online Leaning team course development processes including projectizing the course development process, implementing TeamDynamix project management software, and developing multiple course templates for deployment across the university.

He is currently the Project Manager for the Online Learning team responsible for oversight of scheduling and management of online course development projects for strategic initiative degree programs, and maintenance and operations projects to support online course development. He also has a lead role in strategic planning and development of workflows and processes for the online course support plan for university colleges currently without dedicated support.

When not behind a computer screen, he prefers to spend time on the water. In his prior life, he spent 13 years working professionally in the fly fishing industry and still operates a fly fishing business on the side, Midwest Spey, that offers instruction in a specialized form of fly casting - spey casting. He also likes to golf, play video video games online with his brother, and when not suffering broken finger nails, play classical guitar.