The Center for Ecology and Natural Resource Sustainability's mission is to promote an understanding of the natural environment and its resources through scientific research, education of students at Kent State University and beyond, as well as programs to restore and preserve the integrity of natural areas.

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Lush with lakes, wetlands and forests, Kent State University's system -- which spans northeast Ohio -- is rich in natural resources.
The center's mission is to responsibly steward these lands for multiple reasons: 

  • to protect the biodiversity inherent to the space.
  • to allow current and future KSU students and faculty access to these sites.
  • to serve as a platform for conducting field research.
  • to preserve the numerous sites which function as economic, ecological, and cultural assets to Kent State University. 

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Want to request access to a CENRS property and/or its data files?

  • If you know which site you are interested in, submit the Google Form above to coordinate access.

Unsure which CENRS property will fit your need(s)?

  • Let us know what attributes the property needs to have via the Google Form above.  Our team can make educated recommendations.  Perhaps you need a site that has a water source or has shapefiles for use with ArcGIS... let us know what you require!

Want to share your findings? 

  • Once you have visited the site, we would be grateful if you let us know of any new findings or help us update our existing data.  You can do this by simply completing the Google Form.