Computer Science


The COF Computer Science program aims to prepare Ohio scholars (including economically disadvantaged, underrepresented, first generation, and female students) for in-demand occupations in Ohio by offering a rich set of future-facing specializations, and a curriculum responsive to the 21st century workplace needs.

Each of the scholars will receive junior researcher experience by rotating into computer science research labs working alongside active researchers in the field. Students will have co-op/internship opportunities. In each of these experiences, the student will have the opportunity to earn badges and state credentials in high-demand computer science skills to proudly showcase your digital edge to your potential employers.

A Graduate Scholarship is available to computer science teachers in K-12 schools who pursue a Computer Science Endorsement. Any Ohio teacher with a teacher’s educator license can apply. The Ohio school’ teacher-scholars can take this professional advancement opportunity and ready to teach growing CS Advanced Placement (AP) and College Credit + (CCP) courses.


Please contact Jeanne Tan (Project Director, Dept of Computer Science) for all inquiries.

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