Choose Ohio First students studying Neuroscience will be engaging in an emergent program, new to Kent State University as of 2019. The Neuroscience major is shared in administration between the Departments of Biology and Psychology, and attracts students interested in multiple fields. The inclusion of this new program provides a unique experience in community with other Choose Ohio First scholars. The Neuroscience program offers a broad-based study of the mechanisms of brain function from the cell and molecular level through cognition and behavior, offering a multidisciplinary component. These educational foci prepare students for careers in medicine, biotechnology, research administration and policy, science communication, and other science-related industries.

The need for these professions is projected to grow significantly over the next decade, particularly considering the growing senior population and the coinciding increase in mental health issues, as well as the continuing addiction epidemic prevalent nation-wide, with Ohio as a hot spot. These will thus be continuing an increased need for professionals in health care and science professions that students from the Neuroscience program will have the appropriate expertise for.


Please contact Dr. Wilson Chung (Associate Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences) for all inquiries.