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Comprehensive Office Print Initiative

In response to the Governor’s Affordability and Efficiency Report, Kent State University is implementing the Comprehensive Office Print Initiative (COPI). The purpose is to assess office copier/printer practices across all campuses, and identify potential efficiencies by modifying current equipment and printing practices.

Kent State worked with the Inter-University Council Purchasing Group (IUC-PG) to lead a collaborative sourcing strategy for copiers, printers, and associated services. Partnering with other IUC-PG universities provided more affordable pricing than any single university could achieve on its own.

ComDoc/Xerox was selected as the vendor, with an initial contract of five years. 

View a message from the Provost and the Sr. Vice President for Finance and Administration (PDF)


  • Provide departments with newer and more efficient printing technology
  • Reduce print output costs; the annual savings in estimated at $400,000
  • Improve the quality of services
  • ComDoc/Xerox provides superior ink technology that will conserve raw materials, generate 90% less waste, and reduce energy consumption by as much as 50% 


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