COPI Guidelines

Xerox MFD Default Settings

In order to remain aligned to the Ohio Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency and the Inter-University Council (IUC) Cooperative Purchasing Agreement, and to use financial resources efficiently, default settings will be utilized for multi-function devices (MFDs) across all campuses. All Xerox MFDs will default to:

  • double-sided print;
  • black and white print, where color print is an option;
  • energy saver mode when not in use (sleep mode).

For one-sided print and color (where applicable), the default settings can be manually changed for a specific print job, but will return to the default settings when the job is completed.

Personal Printers

To achieve benefits of the optimized print program, personal desktop printers will no longer be purchased or supported by the university.

There may be exceptions where a personal printer/local printing device is needed. These devices are the most expensive document output processes as they use more energy and supplies. Any individual or department that can justify keeping or acquiring a desktop printer, including a desktop or inkjet, must obtain formal approval from the COPI committee. 

Please complete the Desktop Device Waiver Form, made available through DocuSign, to substantiate the necessity of a desktop personal printer.  Any user with an email address has the capability to log into DocuSign at Kent State University.  Those seeking exemption should fill out their name and email, as well as, the name and email of their authorized supervisor.  Once the form is complete, the COPI Committee will review the case.  

Employees who retain personal printers without an approved exception will be responsible for providing toner and other parts and supplies for the device.


Business critical cases for retaining personal desktop printers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must follow the appropriate process (see Personal Printers section).  Exceptions will only be reviewed if the enterprise-wide program is deemed to not be inclusive of your specific need and/or is out of scope. 

If your request is to acquire or to retain a personal desktop printer as a disability-related accommodation, please visit the Employee Accommodation Request page to complete the required accommodation forms.  The Office of Compliance will review the accommodation request forms, engage in the interactive process with the employee and the supervisor/department and notify the employee of the employee accommodation decision. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the Office of Compliance, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action at 330.672.2038 or

Regardless of the exception, the funding for an approved desktop device (and associated parts or supplies) will be the financial and budgetary responsibility of the individual department or office making the request.

Confidential Printing

All employees occasionally have the need to print a confidential document. Confidential printing needs are not a justification for a personal printer. The Xerox MFDs will provide capabilities for secure printing.