How do I order toner for my Xerox device?

All Xerox (leased) devices should be on toner auto-replenish and is included in the cost of the lease. When the toner needs replaced, the device triggers the notification to ComDoc to send a replenishment. However, that’s where it’s important to make sure each device has backup toner, or if a known large print job is coming up, then additional toner is ordered.

Do NOT replace toner until the device errors to replace toner.  Premature replacing the toner causing a technical error in the amount of toner available within the device.

MPS devices are not on auto-replenish of toner.  Those will be the HPs, Dell, Brother, etc. devices that are covered for support from ComDoc. (Usually desktop, non-leased and stickered by ComDoc) And again, these devices will physically need toner ordered from ComDoc.

Call ComDoc at 1-800-321-4846 if you need to re-order supplies. They will ask for the device’s ID number located on the front of the machine. You may also order through; further instructions on how to use the website are in its corresponding FAQ.

NO COMPANY WILL CALL TO PLACE A TONER ORDER! This includes ComDoc. Do not get scammed. Do not give out the device’s information; if the company is calling you then they should have that information.