A pilot program took place during Fall Semester 2017 that included the Executive Offices, Kent State University at Tuscarawas and the College of Podiatric Medicine.  The program will expand to the rest of the university beginning Spring Semester 2018.

A ComDoc/Xerox team will perform site visits to gather all current inventory by location, establish a current average monthly volume and average monthly service costs.

Based on that information a recommendation will be made on the number of copiers/printers needed for an office or department. A Voice of the Customer session will be held with the department to review the recommendation. Once the plan has been finalized, ComDoc/Xerox will work with each department to schedule the installation. 

Departments will be given advance notice before the initial ComDoc/Xerox representative visit and before the installation; the representatives will work with each area to find a time that is convenient.

View the program guidelines.