COVID-19 Testing for Spring 2021

Students living on campus need to complete a two-part testing program to move back into their residence halls.

  1. Take the at-home Vault Health COVID-19 saliva test before returning to campus.  This test is at no cost to students. 
    1. Lose your email with your link? Check your inbox and look for the Jan. 5 email with the subject line "(Your Name) - Test before move-in."
  2. Complete a rapid COVID-19 antigen test at the Ice Arena on the Kent Campus directly before moving into your residence hall on move-in day.

Process for At-Home, Pre-Arrival Testing

Step 1: Order your Vault test kit
  • To order you Vault test kit, use the unique link you were provide via email.  This link is assigned to you and cannot be shared with others.
  • Once you click on the Vault link provided in the email, you will be prompted to activate your Vault account. 
  • You will need to provide basic demographic information, the address you want the test kit shipped to and you will need to upload a photo of your Kent State ID or a government-issued ID.
  • We recommend you order your Vault test kit as soon as possible to allow ample time for delivery.  Keep your test kit in a safe, secure place once you receive it.  We are unable to replace lost kits.  Do not open your kit until you are ready to take it.

Jan. 5 email with Test Before You Move-In instructions

Step 2: Receiving your Vault at-home test kit
  • Your at-home test kit will be shipped via UPS (not the U.S. Postal Service) with expedited shipping.
  • Tests requested prior to 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time will arrive the next day to the address you provided at registration in Step 1.
  • If you do not receive your Vault test kit, contact Vault Health customer services at or call 212-880-5494 to speak to a Vault customer service representative.
  • Take your test 5 to 7 days before your planned return to campus. One the day you take your test, make sure to ship the test back before 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time the same day.
  • Vault Health operating hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday.
Step 3: Taking your COVID-19 test at home
  • Download Zoom You must be observed taking your test by a Vault test supervisor, via a Zoom chat. Make sure you have downloaded Zoom on whatever device you will be using.
  • Test Kit and Registration – This test will collect a saliva sample in a diagnostic PCR test tube. Before testing begins, you will be prompted to register your test kit number. Kit numbers are case-sensitive. This ensures that the kit is properly registered to you, and that your results will populate in Kent State’s COVID-19 dashboard. You also will receive your results directly in the Vault Health dashboard on your account.
  • Fasting – Testing requires that you fast for 30 minutes prior, meaning that you may not eat, drink, smoke or chew (gum or tobacco) 30 minutes before providing your sample. This ensures that the saliva sample is unadulterated by food or beverage, and that the potential viral load in a sample is detectable. 
  • Taking the test – Do not open your test kit until instructed to do so on the Zoom chat. When you are ready to take your test, join a Vault Zoom room by going to and signing in with your email and password. You do not need to schedule an appointment for your Vault at-home test. If you do not collect saliva during a video call under supervision from a Vault test supervisor, the test results will be invalidated.
  • Sample and volume –The saliva sample must be flush with the measurement line on the sample collection tube. If the sample is below this line, we may not have enough saliva for an accurate test. If the sample is above this line, once the preserving liquid is added to the sample, the tube may overflow.
  • Completing the sample – Once the test is complete, you must securely place the provided preserving liquid cap on top of the completed sample. This ensures that the sample will remain valid while in transit to Vault Health’s laboratory.
  • Returning complete tests – Once your test is complete, please wipe down the completed test kit with the alcohol wipe provided. Repackage your sample with the provided preservative cap, place it in the prepaid UPS envelope and ship the sample to Vault Health’s laboratory. You must drop this off at a UPS facility – not a drop-box – to ensure a timely delivery. We suggest accepting the receipt with tracking.
Step 4: Mail your completed test to Vault Health laboratory via UPS
  • After you have completed your test, put your sample in the biohazard bag before wrapping in the bubble padded envelope or box and then place it in the UPS mailer.
  • Use the shipping label provided in your kit and drop you package at a UPS drop-off location. 

Find your closet UPS drop off location

Step 5: Get your test results

Test Results

You will receive an email from with your results within 24 hours from when your package arrives at the lab.

After you have completed your test and sent it to the laboratory via UPS, you will be able to access your test results, once they are processed, in your Vault Health account at

For positive test results:

  • You will be expected to isolate at your permanent address and delay your return to your residence hall until your local health department releases you from isolation.
  • The Kent State COVID Response Team’s contact investigators will reach out to you to review your isolation plan.
  • You will need to participate in your classes remotely until you are cleared by your local health department and the COVID Response Team to return to campus.  If you are enrolled in any courses that have in-person requirements, please contact your instructors.

For negative test results:

  • Continue wearing a face covering, maintaining six feet of physical distance and practice good hand hygiene along with the Flashes Safe Eight
  • Schedule your testing appointment for move-in.

International Students

Tests kits will not be sent outside of the United States, but you can request to have your test shipped to a U.S. address if you will be in the U.S. before you move to campus.  If you are unable to complete the at-home test, you must test on move-in day prior to going to your room.

Process for Move-In Day Testing

Kent State has partnered with CVS Health to provide the move-in day and weekly testing.  CVS will provide a rapid antigen COVID-19 test.

  • Testing will take place at the Ice Arena, 650 Loop Rd, Kent, Ohio 44242.
  • Testing will take place 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Because CVS will not conduct testing on the weekend, we strongly discourage anyone from moving in on the weekend.
  • Those who absolutely cannot move in on a weekday, must contact DeWeese Health Center at 330-672-2525 to coordinate a testing plan.
Step 1: Schedule an appointment for move-in day test
Step 2: Take your COVID-19 test
  • Go to Ice Arena at your appointment time and receive your test prior to going to your residence hall room.
  • Bring your Kent ID or another photo ID.
Step 3: Get your results

your results

  • Results will be completed in 15 minutes of taking the test. 
  • Students will wait at the Ice Arena for their test result.

Positive Test

  • If you do not have symptoms and test positive, the COVID Response Team nurse from University Health Services will do a PCR COVID-19 test and send it out for confirmatory results.  You will be asked to quarantine while you wait for results.
  • If you have symptoms, a confirmatory PCR test is not required.
  • You will be directed to the COVID Response Team nurse in the Ice Arena who will arrange for an isolation room on campus.
  • A COVID Response Team contact investigator will be in contact with you to finalize your isolation plans that include special dietary requirements.
  • Residence life staff will work with students to store their belongings until they can be moved into their permanent room after isolation.

Negative Test

  • Continue to wear a face covering, maintaining six feet of physical distance and practice good hand hygiene along with the Flashes Safe Eight
  • Schedule your weekly testing appointment

Students who do not test at the Ice Arena prior to move-in will need to contact the COVID Response Team at the DeWeese Health Center to receive instructions on how to proceed.

Exemptions from At-Home, Move-In and Weekly Testing

Exemption qualifiers
  • A student who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days. 
    • Only positive PCR or antigen tests, collected within 90 days of student’s move in date, will qualify for an exemption.
    • Antibody test results will not be accepted.
  • Student is currently in isolation or quarantine.
  • Student has a disability that would preclude them from having the test done.
  • Student is currently sick and unable to go to the testing facility.  Student will need a clinician’s note.
  • Student has a sincerely held religious belief
Requesting an exemption

Requests for an exemption should be sent to the COVID Response Team at

Please include:

  • Your Name
  • Kent ID
  • Reason (from above list) for exemption
  • If you tested positive, include lab results and/or a letter from your local health department.
Failure to test

COVID-19 testing is a requirement at Kent State University for specific students based on health and safety standards in accordance with University policy 5-14.2 and the University Housing contract as appropriate. If you are a student and you reside in University Housing, you will be required to participate in COVID-19 testing.

Students who are unwilling to participate in testing, must connect with Residence Services regarding cancellation of your housing contract. To avoid spring housing charges, students must cancel their housing contract and complete the checkout process before Jan. 17. Questions can be sent to

Students who fail to comply with weekly testing requirements may have their housing contract cancelled and/or be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for non-compliance.

Not a Kent Campus Residential Student?

Testing options are available for the entire university community. Please access information about those options on our COVID-19 testing page.