Kent State Flashes Forge Ahead

Kent State is providing the research, experts and resources to help fight COVID-19 so the Kent State community and the world can continue to move forward during this unique time.


Since March, COVID-19 has become a widespread topic of conversation. Finding ways to explain what this virus is, how one can treat it and how to slow the spread of the virus are just a few commonly asked questions with few clear answers. Xiaozhen Mou, associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, and her research team recently received funding for their hard work as part of Ohio’s statewide collective effort to discover traces of COVID-19 virus particles in wastewater.

  • Kent State President Todd Diacon and others express their appreciation for the hard-working employees who have pulled together to keep our campuses operating throughout the pandemic.

  • In times of uncertainty and hardship, you can stand back and wait for it to pass or get involved. During the pandemic, people in the town of Kent and the Kent State community wanted to make a difference. Two Kent State students became the catalysts that sparked a 10-week project of doing good.

  • Oct. 2 is National Custodian Day, but the staffs on the East Liverpool and Salem campuses deserve more than one day to recognize their efforts in recent months. 

  • As the cases of COVID-19 are reaching record numbers in Ohio counties and beyond, and cold weather is moving in, now is the time to prepare for going home safely for the holidays. Here is a checklist you can use to stay healthy and keep your family and friends safe.


Giving to Others

900+Faculty attended summer workshops on remote teaching
51,685+Total Items Donated
of Food Donated
$65,000+Raised for Emergency
Student Support

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