Kent State Shares Spring Semester Testing Plan

Dear Kent State University Students, Faculty and Staff,

As we bring fall semester to a successful close, we continue to finalize plans to ensure a safe return to campus for spring semester. More details about our phased return will follow shortly, but here I’d like to share important information about our testing plan for spring semester.

Our strategy for spring semester is at the leading edge of national best practices for ensuring the health and safety of our Kent State community. This prevention strategy will provide students, faculty and staff with the best possible campus experience given the current pandemic environment and will account for potential changes in state, county and local health guidelines.


A robust, high-frequency and high-volume testing plan is critical in slowing the spread of the virus and keeping all Golden Flashes safe. Testing opportunities and expectations will be enhanced for spring semester. Further details of the plan are forthcoming, however, here is what you can expect when you return in January:

  • Mandatory COVID-19 Testing for Residence Hall Students at Move-In
    Following the university’s new administrative policy regarding epidemic, pandemic and community health requirements, students who live in residence halls will be required to be tested at move-in and to take part in regular testing throughout the semester. Initially, this testing will be twice weekly but may change depending on the risk level. This method of high-frequency, high-volume testing has been proven to prevent outbreaks on other college campuses.

  • Wastewater Testing
    Kent State will be participating in wastewater testing in support of the Ohio Coronavirus Wastewater Monitoring Network.

  • Random Testing for Students, Faculty and Staff
    The university will also conduct required random testing with students who have in-person classes and selected groups of employees who are working on campus. Students who live in the Kent community but do not have in-person classes will also be offered the opportunity for random testing. This group is important to test to prevent community spread.

  • Continued Testing Available
    For the duration of spring semester, testing of asymptomatic and symptomatic students, staff and faculty will continue at the DeWeese Health Center and at CVS Minute Clinic sites throughout the country.

A surge in testing in recent weeks both locally and across the state delayed many results, including results for some in our campus community who took part in a publicized testing opportunity. We recognize that some of you may not have received results or gained access to a test in a reasonable time frame. We will continue to work with our partners to improve this process.

Again, more details regarding our phased approach for a safe return to spring semester will follow shortly. However, as we near the end of fall semester, let’s do all we can to keep our community and families healthy by practicing our Flashes Safe Seven on and off campus.


Manfred van Dulmen, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Interim Dean of Graduate Studies
Chair, Pandemic Leadership Committee

POSTED: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 12:09pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 1:27pm