Students: Hold on a Minute and Flash Your Arm

Dear Kent State University Students,

It makes my day when I see you outside on campus and when I notice you shopping and recreating downtown. When I see you, I feel hope for better times to come. When I see you, I am reminded of why we are here and who we serve.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. We are near the finish line. It feels like things are getting back to normal. Spring is here, and all is well. It feels like the pandemic is behind us.

Well, hold on a minute!

Recent indicators and events are worrisome. On campus, our numbers of weekly positive cases have been edging up as of late. They are still quite low compared to fall semester, but we are seeing a trend. Even more worrisome, at least one of the new, more communicable variants of the COVID-19 virus is now present in Northeast Ohio, and these variants appear to impact young people more than previous variants. Universities in Pennsylvania and Michigan recently went into lockdown because of rapidly expanding case numbers.

These numbers are bad. Other numbers, such as the growing local availability of vaccines, are good. Simply put, we are in a race to vaccinate as many people as we can as quickly as we can so that the growing fourth wave of COVID-19 doesn’t close us down just as we all wish we could return to normal.

Simply put, all of us must do two things right now. First, always wear a face covering and follow all other Flashes Safe Seven practices. Secondly, Flash Your Arm, get vaccinated as soon as possible and turn the Flashes Safe Seven into the Flashes Safe Eight. Kent State vaccinates!

You may follow this link to find registration information on our Kent State vaccination page.

We can do this, but we are in a truly crucial moment in the pandemic. If we don’t wear face coverings and choose not to be vaccinated, we risk seizing defeat from the jaws of victory, as my father used to say.

Hold on a minute and Flash Your Arm.

We’ve got this, Kent State!

Todd Diacon

POSTED: Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 11:09am
UPDATED: Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 11:14am
President Todd Diacon