Students: Midsemester Updates and Reminders

Dear Kent State University Students, 

As we are midway through the fall semester, I am writing to share with you a few reminders and additional information relating to your remote instruction experience that has been developed by the Ad Hoc Academic Continuity Committee, a group of faculty and representatives across the university community who are committed to your academic progress.

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar Reminder

Remember that there will be no classes (in person or remote) held during Thanksgiving week. Following Thanksgiving week, all classes will move fully to remote instruction for the remaining weeks of the semester. This is to help reduce the amount of travel to and from campuses, thereby reducing the spread of the disease. 

Remote Proctoring 

Kent State and our faculty are committed to upholding the academic integrity of our instruction. With an understanding of the importance of fairness and the need to provide students with the academic credentials they have rightly earned, faculty are able to utilize proctored exams in both face-to-face classes and in courses delivered in a remote format. I encourage you to look over the Remote Proctoring FAQs developed by the Ad Hoc Academic Continuity Committee if you are taking a course in which an instructor is using proctored exams. 

Unexpected Challenges in Class

Although students usually complete their courses with no unexpected challenges, we recognize that sometimes students need help addressing a concern about a course or an instructor. The university provides both informal and formal procedures through which students can be heard when they have a concern, complaint or grievance that is related to their coursework. Often, an informal discussion with the instructor will resolve the issue. If you are not comfortable speaking with your instructor, you can contact your academic department, college or campus administrative office for information on how to file a formal student complaint. Most importantly, the Office of the Student Ombuds in the Division of Student Affairs is available to guide you through any difficulties you may be facing in your classes this semester. Remember, we need to hear from you so we can help.

Mental Health Services

As midterms arrive, please remember to practice self-care. Kent State recognizes the importance of your mental health and will continue work to enhance mental health services available to students. Students may access support services through our Step Up and Speak Out initiative and can also explore other student resources available here

Finally, as you prepare for the time leading up to the end of face-to-face instruction and the steadily approaching holiday season, please remember to practice the Flashes Safe Seven

My best,

Melody Tankersley, Ph.D.
Interim Senior Vice President and Provost

POSTED: Friday, October 23, 2020 - 10:35am
UPDATED: Friday, October 23, 2020 - 10:35am
Melody Tankersley, Ph.D., Interim Senior Vice President and Provost