Returning to Campus

Kent State University’s Plan for the 2021 Fall Semester

As mentioned on our coronavirus home page, we expect many aspects of university life to be very close to pre-pandemic normal, with plenty of in-person classes, engaging activities and residence halls that are at capacity. This website will be updated regularly.


Safety Checks & Requirements



    Managers/Supervisors »

    A Return to Campus Checklist for Supervisors has been developed and must be completed to determine if modifications to workspaces are necessary to create a safe work environment.


    Employees »

    A Return to Campus Checklist for Employees has been developed. All employees are required to follow the safety measures outlined in the checklist and will submit a signed checklist before returning to campus.


    KSU Student Pledge »

    Flashes take care of Flashes, and this will be an important part of our community response throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Fall 2021 Testing Information »

    Access the fall 2021 testing plan, which encompasses a robust, high-frequency and high-volume testing approach that works in tandem with vaccine efforts to slow the spread of the virus and keep all Golden Flashes safe.


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