Criteria for Tenure and Promotion

The Ad Hoc RTP Committee shall consider the following areas of faculty performance when making recommendations on tenure and promotion.  The tables and text below are designed to facilitate assessment of performance of those candidates who are being evaluated for tenure and promotion.  During the probationary period, these tools should be used for developmental assistance and projection of future success in achieving tenure and promotion.

Tables 2, 3, and 4 provide guidelines for the assessment of a faculty member’s performance and a rating scale for use in the evaluation of candidates.  For promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor the faculty member must meet the criteria for an “excellent” rating in either scholarship or teaching with at least a “very good” rating in the other category. University citizenship must at least meet the minimum Program criteria as outlined in Table 3.  These same categories and assessment tools apply for tenure decisions.            

A candidate for promotion to Professor must meet the criteria for an “excellent” rating in scholarship and teaching.   University citizenship must exceed the minimum Program criteria.  A candidate for promotion to Professor may not have equal activity in scholarship, teaching and service as he/she becomes more specialized.