Third-Year Full Performance Review

Upon completion of the third year, faculty reviewing a candidate for reappointment should consider the record of the candidate’s achievements to date.  This record should be considered a predictor of future success.  The hallmark of a successful candidate is a record of successful research and teaching. Successful research can be demonstrated through review of the candidate’s grants and peer reviewed work including assessment of the impact (as measured by the quality of the journal publishing the paper/journal impact factor) or citation indexes such as the ISI Science Citation Index. Successful teaching can be demonstrated through peer reviews and Student Surveys of Instruction.  Specific concerns expressed by the Ad Hoc RTP Committee and/or the Chair during this stage of the probationary period should be addressed by the candidate in subsequent reappointment reviews. Finally, the overall evaluation of a candidate for reappointment must include consideration of the faculty member's personal integrity and professional behavior as recognized by the University community.  A sound ethical approach to all aspects of teaching, research, publication, and the academic profession is expected of all who seek reappointment in the Program.  A candidate who fails to meet these standards will be notified promptly that she/he will not be reappointed.

In the event that concerns about a candidate’s performance are raised during the reappointment process, the Ad Hoc RTP Committee and the Chair shall provide detailed, prescriptive comments to serve as constructive feedback.  If such concerns arise during a third-year full performance review, the Chair, in consultation with the FAC, will advise and work with the candidate on a suitable, positive plan for realignment with the Program’s expectations; however, the candidate is solely responsible for her/his success in implementing this plan.