Eligibility & Cost

Who is Eligible?

  • Students of all majors and from all campuses are eligible to participate
  • The Columbus Program is open primarily to junior and seniors.
  • Students who complete the Columbus Program curriculum and one to three other prescribed courses will have fulfilled the requirements of a minor in political science.
  • A grade point average of 2.50  is required to participate in the Columbus Program.
  • Participation in the Columbus Program is selective and internship slots are limited.

If interested, contact Program Director Wendy Patton at wpatton4@kent.edu. Include the following information in an e-mail:

  • Name
  • Major
  • Year in your program of study
  • Banner I.D. number

If you want to apply, Click the "apply" link and complete the online application. You are encouraged to contact Director Patton first, to learn more about the program.

Cost of the Program 

The cost will cover Kent State University tuition and housing. Housing will be subsidized and will cost no more than residence halls at the university.

Internships may or may not be paid. There may be scholarships and stipends available.