Undergraduate Programs

In the Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Science program at Kent State, students gain an understanding of human development and how it is impacted by family and society.

With experienced faculty and the ability to work in diverse settings, graduates of this program are prepared to make a positive impact on individuals, families and communities. Explore and learn more about our undergraduate degree and four minors in the field of Human Development and Family Science below!

Undergraduate Program

Human Development and Family Science

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Science

Students in Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) receive the knowledge and skills needed to help individuals and families across the lifespan to flourish in a global society. The degree prepares students for a wide range of careers in diverse settings including community-based social services, prevention, advocacy, family intervention, case management, program development and evaluation, and nonprofit management.

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Minor in Gerontology

The Gerontology minor provides students with knowledge of the aging process and prepares students for professional positions in the diverse field of aging. This minor can benefit students with a major or an interest in psychology, sociology, business, English, nursing, education, interior design, political science, speech pathology, audiology and recreation, parks and tourism management.

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Human Development and Family Science

Minor in Human Development and Family Science

Students who minor in Human Development and Family Science gain an understanding of the psychological, sociological, and developmental theories of individual and family development. Students will learn about the influences of family, school, work and community on human development. This offers students the opportunity to focus on their major, while gaining an understanding of individual and family development, which will help them while working with individuals and family in various settings.

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International Family Science

Minor in International Family Science

This minor requires travel! The International Family Science minor allows students to learn about the field of family science as it currently exists in the United States. The knowledge gained from the foundational courses in the minor is then explored in an international setting in Florence, Italy.

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Nonprofit Studies

Minor in Nonprofit Studies

The Nonprofit Studies minor prepares students for careers in a variety of nonprofit organizations at the local, state, national and international level. The curriculum provides students with knowledge and competencies in areas such as grant writing and fundraising, mission and vision, advocacy and lobbying, risk management, board development, program planning, and more. Students gain real-world experience with local nonprofit agencies through a practicum experience.

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