Meet Our Tutors

Adam Dunckel

Junior, Nutrition/Dietetics

Why do you enjoy tutoring?  I was once in the same position as any student who walks in for tutoring.  It was a struggle for me to understand chemistry and other courses I took in the past.  As a result, I took full advantage of all tutoring and other academic resources available here on campus.  These resources allowed me to further comprehend the material and is the reason why I was successful in these courses.  Now I am able to give back to the system that once helped me to accomplish my academic goals.  I have experienced the potential that personal tutoring has on students and that only further motivates me to contribute to their academic goals.

What are your career aspirations?  To educate people on the importance of nutrition.  I hope to influence people that adjusting your diet to healthier options can improve your physical and mental health in tremendous ways. 







Rebecca DeLozier

Freshman, Integrated Mathematics

Why do you enjoy tutoring?  I love tutoring because it not only gives me the opportunity to help others and prepare to be a teacher, but I get to have fun with mathematics at the same time!

What are your career aspirations?  I hope to be a high school math teacher. 


Jessica Tuten

Junior, Early Childhood Education

Why do you enjoy tutoring?  I enjoy tutoring for many reasons, but helping someone to reach that "aha" moment where it finally makes sense is the best feeling ever.  I love seeing the progress made, and the excitement when someone improves their grade in the class, especially when I have been a part of that.

What are your career aspirations?  To be a second or third grade teacher.  I would like to do this for a while to gain experience, and then eventually come back and teach other future teachers at the university level.  This way, I will be able to help shape them into good teachers, and reach many more children than I could ever do on my own.