BLCSI Administrative Staff

Ebed Sulbaran, M.Ed.

Ebed Sulbaran, M.Ed., BLCSI Project Director, is an experienced ESL/EFL teacher, advisor, and entrepreneur. His past positions include that of Curriculum Advisor and Graduate Assistant to the Director of The Center for International and Intercultural Education (CIIE). If you have any questions concerning the BLCSI Program please email him at or call his office number 330-672-9461.


Dr. Rachel Anderson

Dr. Rachel Anderson is the Assistant Program Director and Supervisor of the Immersion Experience for the BLCSI Program. She is a career higher education professional who has significant experiences working with grants, international scholars and issues in gender and education. She is currently instructing pre-service teachers as a part-time faculty member for the Cultural Foundations program. If you have any questions concerning the BLCSI Program please email her at or call her office number 330-672-0545.


BLCSI Faculty - Principal Investigators

Alicia Crow, Ph.D

Dr. Alicia Crowe is the Associate Dean for Student Services and Undergraduate Education, and a Professor of Middle and Secondary Social Studies Education. She does research in teacher education, social studies education, teacher learning, and technology integration in social studies education at both the secondary and pre-service levels. 



Associate Dean Stephen Mitchell

Dr. Steve Mitchell is the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs and Graduate Education in the College of EHHS, and a professor in the Curriculum and Instruction program. He has expertise in Physical Education pedagogy, curriculum development and assessment, and is a SHAPE America Board of Directors member. 



Alexa Sandmann

Dr. Alexa Sandmann is a Professor of Literacy and Director of the School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum. She is the Director of the National Writing Project and has expertise in children’s and young adult literature. She is also a co-director of the Virginia Hamilton Conference on Multicultural Literature for Youth.



Debbie Rozner

Mrs. Debbie Rozner is the ESL Center Director and has expertise in Academic English language proficiency, international student integration, inter-cultural understanding.