eInside - Week of Aug. 20, 2018

A Kent State employee looks on as a Dining Services’ staff member prepares the new Golden Flash Bistro for the start of the fall semester. Golden Flash Bistro, formerly Kent Market I, will feature Olilo by Cat Cora, renowned celebrity chef.
Want to try out several dishes on campus without having to pay a la carte? Want to observe chefs prepare your meal from start to finish? How about on-campus access to healthy, Mediterranean, made-your-way meal options?
Kent State University Assistant Professor of Physics Björn Lüssem, Ph.D., (right) works with a graduate student (left) in a lab at the Integrated Sciences Building.
While wearable technology is all the rage among high school and college-aged Americans, the average student may not know much about the science behind their high-tech apparel.
Kent State University's "Ask the Brain" campaign offers answers to questions that freshmen have.
The "Ask the Brain” campaign provides a platform to answer the most pressing questions that incoming freshmen might have.
The Bulldog Flash Academic Institute helps eliminate barriers to success. Participants earn admission to Kent State and renewable scholarships to cover tuition, creating a pathway to higher education.
The distance between downtown Canton and New York City is 444 miles, but the journey for aspiring fashion designer Andrea McEaddy begins at her hometown university.
The Pizza Boss was formed after a group of students had to create their own business for an entrepreneurship class.
Finding the perfect pizza used to be difficult, especially if you have Celiac disease or are gluten-free, but it isn’t anymore.