Kent State’s Division of Student Affairs Announces Personnel Changes

The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to develop the whole student through engaging, intentional and transformational experiences. As the division encourages students to be their best selves, the personnel and programmatic highlights listed below outline the roles and resources available to you as you support students. If you have general questions, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at or 330-672-4050 or visit

Personnel Updates

Jennifer Kulics, Ph.D., serves as the associate vice president for student affairs supervising areas impacting student life, including oversight for student activities and student engagement. She facilitates the Care Team and is the primary contact for questions about students who may be a threat to self or others. She also serves on the emergency response team. Kulics can be reached at or 330-672-4050.

Pat Dennison continues to serve as the interim student ombuds until a permanent replacement is named later this fall. Any questions about academic policy or general student complaints can be directed to Dennison at, 330-672-9494 or Once the permanent student ombuds is named, Dennison will support the division by coordinating special projects and enhancing employee engagement in the university’s strategic roadmap.

Timeka Rashid, Ph.D., associate dean of students, has accepted new duties aligned with the strategic roadmap to collaborate with colleagues on Regional Campuses to enhance the co-curricular experience of all Kent State students. Rashid can be reached at or 330-672-2480.

Gretchen Julian has assumed additional responsibilities as interim director of the Kent Student Center and oversees facilities management, the scheduling office, operations and the conference bureau. Julian remains director of recreational services as well. She can be reached at or 330-672-0479 for questions about either facility or program.

Jackie Parsons has retired after 35 years of service to the university, and with her departure, Richard Roldan (, 330-672-5391) and Chuck Berry (, 330-672-3305) will lead University Dining Services for the coming year. Questions about Kent State’s dining program can be directed to them. Dietary questions from students can be directed to Megan Brzuski at 330-672-8722 or, and more information about Dining Services can be obtained online.

Julie Volcheck is serving as the interim director of University Health Services and oversees the medical clinics, ancillary services, psychological services and health promotion areas. Information about health services hours, services and programs are available online. Volcheck can be reached at or 330-672-8194 with any questions regarding student health programs (i.e., student insurance, immunizations) and services.

Given the priority of student engagement, a national search for a dean of students will begin this fall. Any questions about student conduct can be directed to Todd Kamenash at or 330-672-4054 or visit Concerns about general student issues or student activities can be directed to Kulics at or 330-672-4050.

Thank you for partnering with the Division of Student Affairs to help students become their best selves. 

Let the division know how to collaborate with you to support students!

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