Kent State Implements Preferred Name Functionality for Students

Creating and embracing an inclusive environment is important to the mission of Kent State University. The university recognizes that some students use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. As such, Kent State has established a process for students to request a preferred name. Students can find information about the process at

The first phase of this project, which focuses on touchpoints that a faculty, student or advisor uses, is now available. Beginning this semester, preferred student names will be implemented in the systems displayed in the table below. This list will change as more systems are updated.


GPS (Degree Audit System)

Class Roster

Grade Roster

Cognos - Official Student Registrar Reports*

KentLINK Library System

Electronic Reserves (Univeristy Library)



Student Accessibility Services System


Student Directory



* Reports will be updated over a period of time.
**If the student requests a new FlashCard, the student’s preferred name will be displayed on the front of the card and the student’s legal name on the back.
*** KSUview designees will see the student’s preferred name when they access information that has been authorized by the student.


There are some places or areas where a student’s preferred name will not be used, but as time goes on, more areas will be included to use a student’s preferred name. 

Places Where a Student’s Preferred Name Will Not Appear:


National Student Clearinghouse

Bursar’s Office

National Student Loan Data Systems

Commencement Program

Official Transcripts

Degree Verification

Payroll Processing and Forms


Reporting to Any Entity External to the University

Enrollment Verification


Financial Aid

Student Bill

Health Center Insurance Billing

Student Refunds

Media Release (President’s list, Dean’s list, etc.)


Phase two of this project will cover some additional places that faculty and advisors use, including ALEKS and Pathfinder. Additionally, major touchpoints for student’s services will addressed. These include extracts for Residence Services, Recreational Services, Health Center, Parking Services, Advocate as well as the Grade Push process and workflows for Change of Grade and Change of Major. This work will continue throughout the fall semester, and the expectation is to be completed by the end of the year.

More Information for Faculty and Advisors

If you have any questions, contact the Office of the University Registrar at 330-672-3131.