Do I have to live in Lake Hall?

Yes, without this component it would not be a living/learning community.

If I declare a major, am I kicked out of EXCEL?

No, you can remain in EXCEL and Lake Hall throughout your freshman year.

My friend is not an Exploratory Major, can he/she live in Lake Hall?

Yes, we allow non-exploratory roommates.

Do I pay extra to be in EXCEL?

There is no additional charge for being a member of EXCEL.

How do I get into EXCEL?

EXCEL participants are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Your space in EXCEL is not secured for you until residence services has received your room deposit. Your housing assignment is sent in July.

What are the requirements of being an EXCEL student?

It is mandatory that EXCEL students live in Lake Hall, take a common core of classes, engage in the community, meet with your peer mentor, and have a positive attitude.