Revisions approved July, 2018

2017 Reorganization

Approved by FAC on 14 April 2010


This Department Handbook (hereinafter “Handbook”) contains the operational policies and procedures for the Department of Computer Science (hereinafter “Department”) within the College of Arts and Sciences (hereinafter “College”). The policies and procedures contained in this Handbook shall not conflict with any University Policy of Kent State University, any applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), or any federal, state and local law.

Suggestions for amendments or alterations to the Handbook may be initiated at any time by any Departmental faculty member. Proposed changes are subject to discussion, revision, and recommendation by the FAC, and must be approved by a majority of the entire tenure-track faculty of the Department of Computer Science. Approved changes to the Handbook will be handled at the College level in accordance with the CBA of the Tenure-Track Faculty.

A current, up-to-date copy of this Handbook will be kept in electronic form and made available to all full-time faculty members.

University Faculty Handbook