This departmental handbook (hereinafter “Handbook”) contains the operational policies and procedures for the Department of Philosophy (hereinafter “Department”) within the College of Arts & Sciences (hereinafter “College”).  The policies and procedures contained in this Handbook shall not conflict with any University Policy of Kent State University, any applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement, or any federal, state or local law.

The purpose of this Handbook is to set forth departmental goals, the instrumentalities of departmental governance, appointment and employment procedures and regulations, criteria for tenure, for promotion to various ranks, and for reappointment, faculty grievance and appeal procedures, general policies pertaining to treatment of students, including a student grievance procedure, the role of Regional Campus faculty in the Department, and curricular policies.  If a conflict arises between policies and procedures here stated and other policies and procedures including those of the University Policy Register or any Collective Bargaining Agreement in force, policies and procedures having wider authority shall take precedence over those stated here.

A two-thirds vote of the Department Faculty eligible to vote is necessary to recommend an alteration in the Handbook.  For a recommended alteration in matters pertaining to the Graduate Program to be brought to the Department FAC for consideration, a recommendation must originate with the Graduate Faculty and be recommended by a two-thirds vote of the Graduate Faculty members eligible to vote.

Before any addition or alteration to the Handbook is officially incorporated into the Handbook, the addition or alteration must be approved by the Dean of the College.