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Whether you're a current or former student or a parent or advocate, we provide convenient access to all forms below. Please carefully review the instructions on each form, ensuring that all required documentation is ready for attachment.

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All requests and forms pertaining to billing and payments, scholarships and financial aid, and registration and records can be accessed below. Some forms are completed digitally and some are completed manually.  Each form type is identified in the description and you can learn more about how to complete specific types of forms by visiting our form instructions.

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    Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement Form - 2024–2025

    Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement Form - 2024–2025 - (Dynamic Form)

    This agreement between two eligible institutions will allow you to receive Title IV aid while visiting one of the institutions. The 2024-2025 academic year includes Summer 2024, Fall 2024 and/or Spring 2025.

    You should also submit a transfer course planning form with the Registrar.

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    Pass, Fail or Audit Grade Request Form - Current Student

    Pass, Fail or Audit Grade Request Form - Current Student - (Dynamic Form)

    Undergraduate students may elect to take certain courses on a pass/fail basis or to audit a course. Students considering one of these options should be aware that some institutions of higher education do not accept transfer credit taken as pass/fail or audit. Students electing to take courses under the pass/fail or audit options should consult their advisor for specific instructions, limitations, and registration procedures.

    The last day to select the pass/fail or audit grading options vary by semester and course coinciding with the last day to add the course. Students may determine the last day to add the course by clicking on the CRN links on their Student Printable Schedule in FlashLine or by accessing the Detailed Class Search from the Schedule of Classes. After locating the course, click on the “Registration Deadlines” link to determine the course specific dates.

    This form is for Current students.

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    Transfer Course Planning Form

    Transfer Course Planning Form - (PDF)

    This form is used for student-advisor meetings to plan courses at another institution for transfer back to Kent State.

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    Transfer Credit Inquiry Form

    Transfer Credit Inquiry Form - (Web Page)

    Do you have questions about transferring credits/courses to Kent State University? Complete this form to request additional information.

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