Scholarship & Financial Aid Policies

Navigate the key guidelines and requirements to effectively manage your educational funding at Kent State University.


Loan Policies

Learn about loan forgiveness, borrowing limits and processes.

Loan Forgiveness

Explore the various federal loan forgiveness programs available for students pursuing careers in public service, education and other qualifying fields. These programs provide financial relief by forgiving a portion or all of your student loan debt under specific conditions.

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Loan Limits

Understand the maximum amounts you can borrow annually and over your lifetime through federal student loan programs. These limits help manage student debt and ensure sustainable borrowing practices throughout your academic career.

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Loan Proration

Learn about how your federal student loans may be adjusted based on your enrollment status and anticipated graduation date. This policy ensures that loan amounts are appropriately scaled for students enrolled less than full time or completing their final period of study.

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Student Loan Code of Conduct

Explore Kent State University's Student Loan Code of Conduct, a comprehensive policy outlining ethical standards and guidelines governing interactions with student loan providers. This policy ensures transparency, integrity and fairness in all aspects of student loan processes, fostering a trustworthy and supportive financial environment for students.

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Compliance Policies

Understand Kent State's commitment to compliance with federal regulations and institutional policies governing financial aid administration, ensuring transparency, fairness and accountability in all processes.

Consumer Information

Access important information about Kent State University's financial aid policies, campus safety, student outcomes and other institutional data. This section is designed to help students and families make informed decisions about their education.

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Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF)

Discover how Kent State utilizes HEERF to provide emergency financial aid grants to students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This funding helps cover expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to the pandemic.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies

Explore the academic standards and requirements students must maintain to remain eligible for financial aid, including GPA thresholds, course completion rates and maximum time frames for degree completion.

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Undergraduate Students

Learn about the academic standards undergraduate students must meet to remain eligible for federal financial aid. This policy outlines the required GPA, course completion rate and maximum time frame for completing your degree.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress for Graduate Students

Understand the criteria graduate students must fulfill to maintain their federal financial aid eligibility. This includes maintaining a minimum GPA, timely completion of coursework and adherence to program-specific academic progress requirements.

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General Financial Aid Policies

Access comprehensive information on a range of financial aid opportunities, resources and support services available to students at Kent State University, empowering you to make informed decisions about funding your education.

Financial Aid Rights and Responsibilities

Familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities as a recipient of financial aid at Kent State. This section outlines your entitlements and obligations to ensure proper use and management of your financial aid resources.

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Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid

Review the essential terms and conditions associated with receiving financial aid at Kent State University. This includes information on eligibility, disbursement, repayment obligations and the impact of enrollment changes on your financial aid.

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