Get Ready For Class


Get Ready for Class.

Below you will find supporting information about course registration and tools to assist you with registration and staying on track for graduation. 


Registration Information

How to Register for Classes

Navigate the ins and outs of Kent State's registration process with our comprehensive guide, featuring step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to ensure a smooth enrollment experience for all students.

Learn how to register for classes.


How to Withdraw from Classes

Discover the necessary steps and important considerations for withdrawing from courses at Kent State, empowering students with the knowledge to navigate this process effectively while maintaining academic success.

Learn how to withdraw from classes.



Stay on Track

Graduation Planning System (GPS)

Seamlessly map out your academic journey towards graduation using Kent State's intuitive planning system, designed to help students track progress, explore degree requirements, and stay on course for timely completion.

Learn more about Graduation Planning System.


Manage My Program (MMP)

Manage My Program (MMP) streamlines undergraduate program adjustments with an intuitive interface, empowering students to request changes effortlessly through Add, Remove, and Change functions.

Learn more about Manage My Program.


Visual Schedule Builder (VSB)

Simplify the course selection process with Kent State's Visual Schedule Builder, an interactive tool allowing students to create personalized schedules based on preferred times, instructors, and campus locations, ensuring optimal balance and efficiency in their academic pursuits.

Learn more about Visual Schedule Builder.



Advisors at Kent State assist students with transitioning to college life, choosing a major or minor program of study, providing academic support referrals, and exploring career opportunities.

Learn more about advising.



Graduation Information

Find important information related to graduation, including requirements, deadlines and more.

Learn more about graduation.



Copies of your official academic transcript are available through the following delivery methods. Please allow extra processing time at the beginning and ending of each semester.  

Learn more about requesting transcripts.