Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance consists of tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation and personal expenses for the award period. Of these components, the expenses directly owed to Kent State University include tuition and fees and for on-campus students, room and board.

How to find your cost of attendance in FlashLine as a student

  1. Log on to FlashLine and select Student from the main menu.
  2. Under Finances, click on Financial Aid.
  3. Click on Financial Aid Awards, select the current aid year from the drop down and Submit.
  4. Click on the Award Overview tab.
  5. Review the Cost of Attendance based on the "Expected Enrollment Status" and terms listed.  Amounts are total year amounts and are not broken down by semester.  Please see the example below:
Graphic of Cost of Attendance on FlashLine


Tuition Guarantee Program

Beginning with the fall 2018 academic year, Kent State will offer all eligible new first-year undergraduate and transfer students the certainty that the Ohio resident tuition rate (i.e. instructional and general fee) career services fee, as well as room and board plan charges will not increase for their applicable cohort rate.  Participation in the program is required for all new first-year degree-seeking undergraduate and eligible transfer students enrolling at Kent State for the first time in fall semester of 2018 or later.

Current Kent State undergraduate students, as well as graduate and international students, are not eligible for the tuition guarantee program. 

tuition guarantee program FAQ

Undergraduate Student tuition guarantee COHORT RATES 2019-2020

This table represents dependent students attending the fall and spring semesters.

TUITION/FEES * $10,916 $19,792 $6,182
BOOKS AND SUPPLIES $1,200 $1,200 $1,200
ROOM/BOARD ** $11,682 $11,682 $3,312
PERSONAL EXPENSES $1,804 $1,804 $1,554
TRANSPORTATION $1,358 $1,358 $2,214
LOAN FEES $68 $68 $68


$27,028 $35,904 $14,530

* Expenses directly owed to Kent State University.
**Actual costs may vary. Off-Campus and commuter students do not owe room and board amounts to Kent State University.

All incoming students prior to Fall 2018 and graduate students should follow the instructions above to view their cost of attendance on FlashLine.  

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