Scholarship Search Checklist for International Students

As you start to identify scholarships you are eligible to apply for:

  • Schedule time every week to complete and submit applications.
  • Make note of application deadline dates and put them in a calendar.
  • Keep track of what you have applied for and what you should work on next, based on deadline dates.
  • Let someone else read your scholarship essays and give you feedback.
  • Check out our video video on how to write an effective scholarship essay!
  • Thoroughly review your scholarship application before submitting it.  Make sure you did not skip or leave a question blank.  Double check your spelling and grammar.

A scholarship search takes time, energy, and effort.  Successful students apply for everything and do not make excuses!  You may have to fill out a lot of applications to get one scholarship.  It is always OK to ask about scholarships.  Don’t be afraid or embarrassed.  Finding free money for college will be worth it.  Never give up!