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Kent State University student Eli Kalil, shown here with his mom, engaged Twitter users to help his mom quit smoking.
Eli Kalil, a junior applied communications major at Kent State University, saw just how powerful the tool of social media can be when he posted an inspiring tweet involving his mother in late January.
Kent State University students and Exercise Science and Physiology Professor create a wound-care company that is looking to transform the field of podiatric medicine.
baby holding study
There is nothing like it - holding a tiny baby in your arms. As a parent, you most likely know what it is like to get flooded with a rush of those ooey-gooey feelings. But why? How does it happen and what is the science behind those feelings for dads?
Cellphone and walking
Kent State University researchers suggest putting the cellphone away if you want to increase your walking pace for a better workout.
Shape Magazine
Shape Magazine shares Kent State professor's research connecting weight loss with improved memory.
Photo of Shanice Cheatham
Kent State University’s Shanice Cheatham is one step closer to helping health care workers stop the spread of disease in underdeveloped countries. Cheatham took first place and won $4500 in the PITCH U elevator competition at the University of Akron, with the generous support of...
Alexander Ceh, 23, an undergraduate exercise science major from Grafton, demonstrates riding an indoor bike with a mask in a controlled low oxygen environment, while Jeremiah Vaughan analyzes his levels.
Graduate Student Jeremiah Vaughan is studying how low-oxygen effects the human body. 
Kent State master’s student Sarah Burns shows off a tomato from the garden behind Nixson Hall.
A graduate student project develops into a countywide program to grow and fill backpacks with healthy foods.
If money doesn't make us happy, what does? A Kent State professor has a suggestion.
Matthew Dougard and Niki Kukwa never met, but they made a connection high above the clouds, drawn together by the will to fight and a passion to fly.