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Joseph D. Ortiz, Ph.D., professor and assistant chair in the department of geology at Kent State University recently co-authored an op-ed essay for with his colleague Eelco J. Rohling, a professor of ocean and clim...
A new collaborative study published by researchers at Kent State University and Northeast Ohio Medical University provides evidence that thick layers, preserved in the teeth of beluga whales, may help determine their age.
You have likely seen one at an aquarium. It is the friendly creature with the oversized head that swims up to the glass with what looks like a smile on its face. Beluga whales are extremely social mammals that are often called sea canaries because of their high-pitched chatter, o...
Kent State doctoral student Anna Droz researches how to improve green roofs by planting experimental gardens in Cleveland, Ohio.
Doctoral student plants gardens atop Cleveland buildings to bridge urban design with natural biology
Researchers to use cutting-edge therapies including amniotic tissue grafts and specialized casts The Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine is teaming up with the Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic to help reach a segment of the population that may not otherwise receive...
Kent State University professors conduct research that impacts lives and society.
Kent State University professors discuss the importance of funding collegiate research.
Dark crustacean shell fragment embedded in fossilized dinosaur feces.
The discovery of fossilized dinosaur feces has scientists rethinking the eating habits of certain dinosaurs.
Kent State University Geology Professor Joseph Ortiz, Ph.D., and student Andrew Congdon take a few moments between collecting measurements of surface reflectance in Sandusky Bay this summer. (Photo credit: Sunny Dickerson, Bowling Green State University)
The conditions in Lake Erie continue to pose several health risks to Ohioans in coastal communities, making it difficult to maintain good water quality for citizens, state and local policymakers.
Mary Beth Spitznagel, Ph.D. (right), a clinical neuropsychologist and associate professor at Kent State University, talks with a pet owner.
Pet or person, caregiver’s burden is similar, Kent State researcher finds The mental and physical stress on individuals caring for elderly loved ones with chronic and terminal disease is well-documented and known as caregiver burden. It is linked to depression, anxiety and poor...
Two Kent State University geography professors use the lessons learned in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the forecast of Hurricane Irma as teaching tools in the classroom.
Two Kent State University geography professors bring hurricane lessons into the classroom.
Kent State researchers use EEG caps to study the brain activity of monks during a debate.
Electroencephalogram (EEG) caps are helping Kent State University researchers unlock the secrets of the mind.