College of Business Students Meet President Of Iceland During Overseas Trip

Nine students from Kent State's College of Business recently met the President of Iceland, His Excellency Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, during their study abroad trip to Europe.  The group also met U.S. Ambassador Robert C. Barber on May 30 as part of their International Experience in Entrepreneurship course.

"They both spent time with our students and provided some excellent words of wisdom, advice and networking opportunities," said Craig Zamary, faculty member who led the trip. "The Startup Iceland Event and course was a great success and a positive experience for the students."

This course examines the recent history of the bank collapse, the 2008 financial crisis in Iceland and the present day growth and recovery. Iceland has been rated #13 by Forbes as Best Countries for Business in 2015. The course includes a required trip to visit Iceland & participation at The Startup Iceland 2016 Event 

The students spent one week in Iceland and have now returned to Kent. 

Students completing the course develop an awareness of the role that Iceland plays in the world economy and the special challenges it faces in coordinating monetary, fiscal, and social policy. Students will be able to compare Iceland’s Startup activity as they look to launch new startups with in the United States. Students will be able to analyze current social and demographic trends and their effects on key economic variables. Finally, students will develop their written and oral communication skills and participate in Startup Iceland 2016 and network with attendees, local and international entrepreneurs. Throughout the day and evening trips, students will network with business owners and startup founders and will be required to question, take note and identify how the entrepreneurs started, what resources were required and the path they chose. Students will be assigned to learn the story, understand the path and identify opportunities for them to work with and/or launch a startup based on opportunity recognition and identifying solutions to problems that exist or areas where they can add value. 

Photo: Left to right Craig Zamary, Paul Nouri, Joseph Zadeh, Eva Hoyak, Nathaniel Haghiri, US Ambassador of Iceland Robert C. Barber, Brennon O'Connor, Ariella Yager, President of Iceland – His Excellency Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Roxsana Ballard, Joseph Bartholomew, Jayme Romanchuk

UPDATED: Thursday, December 08, 2022 05:31 PM
Eric Mansfield