I am faculty and missed the deadline to submit final grades. What should I do?

NOTE:  The Grade Change Workflow is not available when submitting mid-term grades.  If the mid-term deadline is missed, instructors must verbally advise students of their mid-term grades.

One indication that you have missed the grade submission deadline is that drop down boxes will not be available to input grades.  To submit grades after the deadline, use the grade change workflow.  NOTE: If an instructor is trying to submit a grade change the day after the grading deadline for a course, the Grade Change Workflow may not be available for use. There is a delay between the time that the grading window is turned off and when grades are officially rolled to academic history. If you are unable to submit a grade change request, please try again the next day.

To open the grade change workflow:

Step 1. Log into FlashLine from  http://www.kent.edu

Step 2. Under Faculty & Advisors, select Faculty Dashboard

Step 3. Under Faculty Workflows, select Grade Change Workflow

Instructors will only see the grade in their FlashLine roster after they have rolled to academic history, not updates that are made to grades after that. The instructor can go into the grade change workflow and review a previously submitted request to check the status of it. That is done by going into "My Action Items", clicking "Grade Change" in the Workflow & Utilities channel, entering their FlashLine password, and clicking the link to search for historical grade changes.

For additional assistance, view the Grade Change Workflow Reference Guide document on the Information Services Web site.  For more information on grade submission deadlines, click here.

POSTED: Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 12:23pm
UPDATED: Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 12:23pm