What is the Graduation Planning System (GPS) and how can I access it?

The Graduation Planning System is comprised of multiple modules, as described below:

  • Explore Programs and Degrees: This option is available:

    • from the Kent Homepage, by clicking on the Explore Major and Degrees link

    • Within FlashLine

Please type in the Search Box (found at the top) : GPS

(if not found move to Step 2)


  • GPS Audit and Plan:

    • This option is only available from within FlashLine

-On the Student Resources, under Advising

  • The GPS Audit and Plan is for students with a Catalog Year of 2010 and beyond. Students with a Catalog Year 2009 or earlier will continue to use the KAPS audit.  If you see the screen below, you should use KAPS.


  • Catalog Year represents the requirements determining the student's degree plan.  Students who are unclear what Catalog Year they are under should contact their advisor. Your advisor is displayed in the Academic Profile area of your Student Dashboard.  If no advisor is displayed, please contact your college/campus office.


The GPS degree audits assist students and advisors in monitoring timely progress toward completion of their degree requirements in the student’s officially declared program.  For additional information, please contact your academic advisor.


  • Effective 5/28/13, students no longer have edit access to plans. You may view your plan and audit at any time and can continue to run a "What If" audit for other programs you may be interested in.  If your plan needs to be updated or modified please contact your academic advisor for assistance.

  • Please turn off your popup blocker for best results.

  • Make sure there are no special characters in your password (&, +, $, etc.).  If you still can't access, contact the Helpdesk at 330-672-4357.

  • Student record data is updated nightly.  Always “process new” before running an audit in order to view the most current student information.  If you receive an error that says "Status = 4235," click "Process New."

  • There are no audits for students with catalog years prior to 2010.  Those students’ audits will be in KAPS.

  • If a PC is being used to access the GPS Audit and Plan, the recommended browser is Internet Explorer.  If a Mac is used, the browser should be Safari.

  • GPS web page with lots of information:  www.kent.edu/gps/plan.  This also includes the student and advisor manuals.

  • If you receive and Error: 0719, call the Helpdesk at 330-672-4357 for assistance.

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